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Lesson #5 Lesson #5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

SOooooooo AWesome!

This game has actually changed my life. I was gonna kill myself, however i played this game and realised i want to follow my childhood dream of becoming a construction worker. I LOVE U GUYSSS! THANK U FOR INVENTING SUCH AN AWESOME GAME!

Ma-Ku - The Rain Cloud Ma-Ku - The Rain Cloud

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Actually the shittiest, most crap, horrible game to ever be created ever. i mean, it was really bad. And when i say really bad i mean it has reached a stage of crapness far beyond human comprehension. SO BAD THAT IT MAKES YOUR FACES LOOK GOOD BECAUSE YOU ARE BOTH SOOOOO UGLY AND I HATE YOU BOTH SOOOOOOOOO VERY, VERY MUCH THAT I THINK I COULD JUST KEEP WRITING IN ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS ALL DAY. ARRGGHHH!!! THIS GAME JUST MAKES ME SO ANGRY, I MEAN, IF I WAS WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND I MET A GUY, AND HE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT MAKU OR RAINCLOUDS I WOULD VOMIT IN HIS FACE.. anyways, I'm going to go and watch some hilarious flash animation about stick figures now. And get a shotgun... and shoot u in da head... ha.... get it?... HA!...... But seriously guys. Good job :P